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Greentrees Films (Producer of "Reign Over Me," "The Upside of Anger") has two openings for uniquely opportune internships. We are based in Santa Monica, CA and operate worldwide.*

Internships are currently unpaid however may be paid in the near future. Enormous potential for advancement and growth within the company.

Greentrees Films is an international feature film and television production company with projects in various states of play on every continent. We are committed to high quality Entertainment and environmentally sustainable living and working conditions. Our contacts and relationships throughout the Hollywood community and globally are extensive strategic assets of the company which enable and enhance the production excellence derived from 25 years of Film Producing experience.

Production/Development/Distribution Internship

The Production Intern shall assist the Producer in all aspects of filmmaking from development to distribution and marketing. The ideal candidate has experience in a busy office, understands the film business, the players, agencies. Studios and indies. MAC proficiency preferred. Skilled in: Word, Excel. Photoshop, MMB, MMS, EPB, EPS a plus. Web Design, SEO, Social Networks, a plus. Final Cut Pro, a plus. All of the above...ideal.

Must be informed, experienced, organized, have a great attitude, curious, eager to learn, a true go-getter and self-starter. Previous experience within the industry a must. Agency experience a plus.

Intern shall receive hands on, direct interaction with successful, hard working, extremely busy Feature Film and Television Producer. You will learn and execute all facets of the business.

A chief goal is your enrichment and growth in your experience and understanding the entertainment business, while getting your hands dirty in the development, casting, pre-production, budgeting, scheduling of major motion pictures. Candidates must be very goal and result oriented and driven.

You will work closely with not only the Producer but also with the Director of Production, Europe and the Manager of Marketing. The Director of Production began in a similar capacity, was promoted to Assistant to the Producer, then Director of Production, and now Director of Production, Europe heading up our European operations.

Production/Design/Marketing Internship

The Production/Design/Marketing Intern shall assist the Producer in all aspects as mentioned above, however will have the additional responsibility and main focus for the implementation of Web Design, Programming and Marketing (SEO, Social, etc.) for the Company and all Films and Television Productions. *Distant hire will be considered for the right candidate.

Photoshop, Final Cut Pro, After Effects, Premiere, strong knowledge of HTML and CSS, image optimization, close familiarity with Web Standards; JavaScript and popular JS frameworks a big plus. PHP+MySQL a huge plus.

Duties will initially center on the Re-Design and Re-Programming of the Company website utilizing new design elements recently created for the update to the website, or if approved, Company is open to new ideas by the Production/Design/Marketing Intern. The ideal candidate shall demonstrate excellence in web design, creation, management, SEO, social marketing, streaming video, downloadable content, etc. Intern shall work closely with the Manager of Marketing in the execution of their duties. The Manager of Marketing is an accomplished executive who started out as in intern at the company, moved into a paid executive position and is currently freelancing with the company. The Manager of Marketing is currently dually employed by one of the major film studios. Candidates must be very goal and result oriented and driven.

The Team

Working together as a Team, the Production/Development/Distribution Intern, Production/Design/Marketing Intern, the Manager of Marketing, the Director of Production, Europe shall administer their respective duties as well as the expansion of the Internship program, managing additional candidates if and when required.

Both positions shall begin unpaid with compensation expected in the near future. These internships are great opportunities for those interested in gaining access to a busy Film Producer, and prolific Production Company and to enter the process of filmmaking at all levels. Previous Interns have gone on to form their own companies, work for the major studios and independent production companies, high profile producers and high profile directors.

We are Executive Producers, Producers, Line Producers and UPM's with Productions in all phases of action on a global basis. For a complete list of our past credits visit

Hours for both positions are flexible. We will work closely with the right candidates to make the experience fit and our goal is to make it highly educational and creatively challenging.

Interested candidates should send resume and cover letter immediately to:

Text in Email resumes will be read first. Attachments are highly discouraged. If formatting is critical please send a link to an online posting of your resume.

Thank you in advance. We look forward to working with you and providing a highly advantageous environment of learning, creativity and satisfaction with opportunities for further growth with the company and/or in the industry.

Letters of Recommendation and career guidance shall be provided for all those wishing to pursue further work in the business.

The office is a very casual environment and close working relationship with the Producer.

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