Greentrees Productions

Greentrees Productions is a company engaged in Producing & Directing for hire, as opposed to our in-house developed projects.

GTP is often available for freelance projects, particularly Second Unit Photography on major motion pictures.  We can completely handle separate units for your project, obtaining:

  • Beauty Shots
  • Visual Effects Shots
  • Stunts Shots
  • Water Units
  • Mountain Terrain Units
  • Snow Shots (real)
  • Snow Effects Shots (artificial)

We would be pleased to prepare a budget, produce, direct and provide you with finished product straight to your editing room or visual effects house for any type of shooting your project requires:  film, High-Definition Video, Standard Def Video, etc. and all formats.

With Twenty-five years experience in filmmaking we are very confident in our ability to provide stellar results to you for your project.

Contact us for a consultation, quote or a meeting.

We love to shoot!

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